for assistants

How can I support the association?

You can support IAFFZ with a membership or with a donation.

How big is the workload for assistants?

The amount of work depends on the task that a helper assumes. Depending on the task and availability of the helpers the greatest workload is during the festival. Helpers can tell how much time they have. However, the acquisition of a task, and the availability during the festival are compulsory.

Is the work of assistants paid?

Unfortunately, no. All festival staff are volunteers. Fees will be refunded.

Which tasks take assistants?

Helpers are part of the Festival team and make a significant contribution in the organization and implementation of the festival and support the work of the association in other events (readings, film nights, etc.).

The support of assistants is needed for hospitality services (transport, contact person, etc.), translations (English, Arabic), organization (reservations etc.), selection of movies and many other areas is needed.

The tasks are determined in consultation with the assistants and the IAFFZ Board.

How can I be an assistant?

If you want to support the Arab Film Festival Zurich and the IAFFZ as an assistant, go to: becoming assistant

What are festival volonteers doing?

Festival volunteers are different from the assistants. Festival volunteers help only during the time of the film festival (hospitality services, smaller tasks within the organization, etc.). Who would like to support furthermore the IAFFZ and the Arab Film Festival, can become an assistant.